Milestone Minutes

Milestone Minutes

GRAPHIC (6th Block Creative): Quarterback Jimmy Raye (16), head coach Duffy Daugherty and co-captain Clinton Jones (26).

Click here for lengthy list of Michigan State’s Civil Rights Era Milestones


These video stories on Michigan State’s leading role in college football integration are taken from “Raye of Light.”

EPISODE 3 (click on video below): College Football Hall of Famer Bubba Smith of Beaumont, Texas.


EPISODE 2 (click on video below): Why isn’t Michigan State’s history better known?

EPISODE 1 (click on video below): The foundation of Michigan State’s Great Northward Football Migration.


Prologue episode from NMSA: Tom Shanahan reading from Raye of Light at the 2019 National Media Sports Association Book Festival in Winston-Salem, N.C.


Underground Railroad Minutes are videos from Tom Shanahan discussing the historical impact of Michigan State coach Duffy Daugherty’s 1960s Underground Railroad teams. The Spartans set new standards for unprecedented numbers of Black athletes, Black starters, Black team captains and Black quarterbacks. Daugherty’s effort was aided by southern Black high school coaches laying the tracks, sending him their athletes to escape segregation. Michigan State’s success, including back-to-back 1965 and 1966 national championships, led to Alabama desegregating by 1971 and to USC to recruit beyond a half-dozen or so Black athletes. Tom is an award winning sports writer and author of “Raye of Light: Jimmy Raye, Duffy Daugherty, the 1965-66 Michigan State Spartans and college football integration.” The video information is taken from the pages of “Raye of Light.”

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