You are currently viewing From Kirkus, The Right Thing To Do: “Fascinating read” … “unexpected subplots” … “A work of sports history that fill gaps” … “prose is breezy”

From Kirkus, The Right Thing To Do: “Fascinating read” … “unexpected subplots” … “A work of sports history that fill gaps” … “prose is breezy”

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THE RIGHT THING TO DO, The True Pioneers of College Football Integration in the 1960s

Tom Shanahan

August Publications

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(400 pp.) $22.95 paperback, $8.99 e-book ISBN: 9781938532733 January 1, 2024


A work of sports history that fills in the gaps in the integration story of college football.

The racial integration of college football was not a moment, but a decade-long process. It happened in fits and starts, tempered by unspoken quotas that kept programs from recruiting more than a couple of Black players at a time.

“The dominoes started falling separately,” observes Shanahan, a sportswriter, in his preface, “but undercurrents connected them. By the end of the decade the tributaries flowed together with [the] force of the mighty Mississippi spilling into modern football’s predominantly Black rosters.”

A key figure in the author’s telling is Michigan State’s head coach, Duffy Daugherty, who not only recruited numerous Black players for his team but also helped launch the careers of Black coaches such as Sherman Lewis and Jimmy Raye.

Shanahan also profiles several groundbreaking players from across the country, including “Wonderous Warren” McVea, the running back who, while at the University of Houston, became the first Black player for any major university in Texas, and Jerry LeVias, the diminutive wide receiver who, by playing for Southern Methodist University, integrated the Southwest Conference.

The author also dismantles some of the folk history surrounding integration. For example, he argues that the 1970 season opener between the integrated University of Southern California team and the all-white University of Alabama squad, which has since been held up as a watershed moment for integration, was not considered one at the time, and that USC was not even a particularly progressive program on that front.

Shanahan’s prose is breezy, and his account is full of unexpected subplots, such as Daugherty’s commitment to incorporating Hawaiian and Samoan players as well: “Daugherty and [Tom] Kaulukukui struck up a friendship when Michigan State played at Hawaii, in 1947. Once Daugherty was named head coach, he told Kaulukukui anytime there was a player in Hawaii with Big Ten talent, he’d save a scholarship for him.”

It’s a fascinating read that helps contextualize college football within the wider Civil Rights Movement, demonstrating the often-sporadic nature of institutional change. A compelling and essential story of one of the most significant evolutions in sports.


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