You are currently viewing College Football Hall of Famer Joe Romig and teammate John Meadows to join me at Boulder Book Store, 6:30 pm, May 7

College Football Hall of Famer Joe Romig and teammate John Meadows to join me at Boulder Book Store, 6:30 pm, May 7

“THE RIGHT THING TO DO, The True Pioneers of College Football integration in the 1960s”

By Tom Shanahan. Foreword by Ruffin McNeill

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Book signing featuring Colorado football alums Joe Romig and John Meadows.

Event: 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 7 at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado.

Registration information: Tom Shanahan — “The Right Thing to Do,” with Joe Romig and John Meadows Tickets, Tue, May 7, 2024 at 6:30 PM | Eventbrite

My book explains the long road to college football integration in the 1970s blazed by true pioneers, coast to coast, in the 1960s. An important untold story was the bold stance Colorado’s 1961 Big Eight conference champions took when they threatened to boycott the 1962 Orange Bowl over the Jim Crow laws in Miami.

Colorado’s 1961 team was coached by Sonny Grandelius, who was an assistant coach on Michigan State College Football Hall of Fame coach Duffy Daugherty’s 1954 staff. Others on the staff who became a head coach and followed Daugherty’s blueprint of ignoring unwritten quotas limiting Black athletes to a half-dozen in the 1960s were Dan Devine (Arizona State, Missouri, Notre Dame), Bob Devaney (Wyoming, Nebraska) and Bill Yeoman (Houston).

The Colorado/Orange Bowl story is a bookend to the chapter I included on UCLA’s eight Black players threatening to boycott the 1962 Rose Bowl if Alabama was invited over a Big Ten team. The Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl both backed down. The 1962 Rose Bowl story won first place from the Football Writers Association of America in 2022 and was included in the book as a chapter.

It was a sports journalism failure then when the media missed the story and in real time and it remains a sports journalism failure in 2024. The true stories of pioneers in the 1960s have been replaced by myths and fiction surrounding the 1970 USC-Alabama game. College football integration was fait accompli by 1970, thanks to the true


Thanks to the National Football Foundation for including this item in its latest newsletter, Down and Distance:

“College Football Hall of Famer Joe Romig (Colorado) will sign copies of a new book, The Right Thing to Do, The True Pioneers of College Football Integration in the 1960s by author Tom Shanahan, at the Boulder Book Store in Boulder, Colorado, May 7. The book retells the story about Colorado’s 1961 football team and their efforts to address the Jim Crow laws in Miami that threatened to exclude five Black players from the 1962 Orange Bowl.


John Meadows (Photo below), former Colorado assistant athletic director, also played for the 1961 Colorado team and will join Joe and me at the book event. Meadows was recruited by CU head coach Sonny Grandelius, a Michigan State All-American player and assistant coach under Duffy Daugherty.


As I explain in The Right Thing To DO, Daugherty’s 1954 staff helped changed the face of college football once they became head coaches. In addition to Grandelius, they are Bob Devaney, Earle Edwards, Dan Devine, Frank Kush, Bill Yeoman and Chuck Fairbanks.

Here’s the full NFF link to read.


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My books tell the true story of college football integration in the 1960s and address the myths and fiction that allowed a false narrative surrounding the 1970 USC-Alabama game to usurp the credit from the true pioneers. As I said when I spoke at the National Sports Media Association book festival, no two books provide an accurate portrayal more than RAYE OF LIGHT and THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

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Click here for my story on the 1962 Rose Bowl and Segregation awarded first place by the Football Writers Association of America. I tell untold stories on Michigan State’s leading role and the true pioneers of college football integration. Click here to read the summary as a first-place story.


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The True Pioneers of College Football Integration in the 1960s

Foreword by Ruffin McNeill


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Jimmy Raye, Duffy Daugherty, the 1ntegration of College Football and the 1965-66 Michigan State Spartans

Foreword by Tony Dungy


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