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Donate to WWP: West Point’s open door a contrast with football paranoia

PHOTO: Nate Smith (44) commented on Army’s open-door media policy in an era when college programs close practice and limit player access.

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The United States Military Academy, a guarded base known as West Point, dates to 1802. Security is tight in these terrorist-threat times, but sports media members can gain a pass.

And once they’re waved onto base, they can proceed to the football facility to watch practice. Compare that policy toward access at civilian colleges across the country.

Media members can drive freely on campus, but the football gates are locked tighter than Fort Knox. Patton’s Third Army couldn’t get past the henchmen of Nick Saban and his dictatorial ilk.

A military post is open to college football, but public universities funded by tax dollars are closed to the Fourth Estate.

Isn’t that backwards?

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