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Comments from Duke on Coach K’s retirement decision

Photo (L-4): Jon Scheyer, Mike Krzyzewski and former assistant coach Jeff Capel, now the head coach at Pitt.


Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski confirmed reports from sources he plans to retire at the end of the 2021-22 season. Coach led the Blue Devils to five NCAA titles in a career from 1980 to the upcoming season. In 46 years as head coach at Army and Duke, his 1,170 career victories is an NCAA record.

Assistant coach Jon Scheyer, a former player on the Duke’s 2010 NCAA title team, is the coach in waiting during the season.

Here are some comments before Coach’s media conference on Thursday and a Friday media session with Jon Scheyer


“My family and I view today as a celebration. Our time at both West Point and Duke has been beyond amazing and we are thankful and honored to have led two college programs at world-class institutions for more than four decades. That, coupled with 11 unforgettable years as the United States National Team coach, has resulted in a remarkable journey. Certainly, I have been blessed to coach some of the finest young men and greatest players in basketball history as a direct result of these unique opportunities. For us, there is no greater joy than being part of our players’ respective endeavors through basketball, and more importantly, their lives off the court. Our family is eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to our career for the past 46 years. So, to the countless members of our extended family, thank you very much.”

VINCENT E. PRICE, Duke’s president

“I can say without hesitation that Mike Krzyzewski is the greatest coach in the history of men’s college basketball. This is clearly demonstrated by his tremendous success at Duke — 1,170 career wins, five national championships, 15 ACC tournament and 12 ACC regular season titles — and his service to our country as the head coach of USA Basketball. But the true measure of his excellence is more personal. It is in his resolute commitment to integrity, fairness, and inclusion; in his transformational impact on collegiate athletics and the Durham community; in the joy, generosity, and inspiration he has brought to countless fans; and in his role as guide and teacher of thousands of players, coaches, and staff at Duke and beyond. Mike, Mickie and the entire Krzyzewski family have been devoted to Duke for more than 40 years, and we are so grateful that relationship will continue for a long time to come.”

KEVIN WHITE, Duke’s outgoing athletic director

“Simply put, Mike Krzyzewski’s legacy – never to be repeated again – is truly mindboggling. To suggest that Mike has more than earned the ‘GOAT’ mantle within the coaching community, both domestically and globally, is perhaps the greatest understatement of all time. Well beyond all the banners, hardware, titles, awards, honors, etc., Mike will long be best remembered, if not deeply respected and admired, for his unabashed love and utter devotion to his players. Again, the consummate teacher, coach, and mentor, coupled with his highly unique curriculum around life lessons and service will surely live at the pinnacle level of his chosen profession in perpetuity.”

NINA KING, Duke’s incoming athletic director

“Mike Krzyzewski has built one of, if not the most, iconic basketball programs in the entire world and will forever hold a very special place in Duke’s history and hearts. To be sure, he has earned a unique position as a legend and Hall of Famer not only via his innate understanding of the game of basketball but by way of his intrinsic ability to connect and impact so many throughout the sports community and well beyond. Furthermore, his incredible love for his players over 46 years as a head coach is simply unmatched. There is no question, Mike is truly one of the great coaches of all time, in any sport, in the world and we look forward to one more season with Mike Krzyzewski at the helm of Duke Men’s Basketball!”

JON SCHEYER, Duke’s coach in waiting

“Duke University has been a central part of my life for more than a decade, and I could not ask for a better place to continue my career. This is absolutely humbling. First, I offer extreme gratitude to the greatest coach of all time whose career is unrivaled in basketball. Coach K has built the premier program in our sport thanks to his unwavering competitive edge, a tireless attention to detail, a family-first approach and a remarkable compassion and care of his players, coaches, and staff. He has set a standard that every coach at every level should strive to achieve.

“I’d also like to express my sincere appreciation to President Vincent Price, Kevin White and Nina King for believing in me and providing me this opportunity. It is an honor to call this great institution my alma mater, and I’m deeply committed to furthering its academic and athletics excellence while continuing the championship legacy of Duke Basketball.”


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