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Unknown Date; South Bend, IN, USA; FILE PHOTO; Notre Dame Irish head coach Ara Parseghian on the sidelines with Terry Hanratty (5) at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Photo By Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Iconic QB says no national champ this year

Terry Hanratty, recovered from COVID-19, happy football is back but mixed emotions

Photo: Terry Hanratty and Ara Parseghian

Tom Shanahan, Special to Detroit Free Press

Terry Hanratty answered his cell phone with a muffled voice. Quarterbacks don’t speak softly, but Hanratty wore a mask while shopping at his local market. He has been masked up since surviving his toughest foe, the COVID-19 virus.“I feel very fortunate,” said Hanratty, an iconic name in Notre Dame annals. “I’m lucky my daughter convinced me to quit smoking three and a half years ago. My lungs were so weak. I wouldn’t have made it. I’m lucky.”

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NOTE: In the Free Press photo of Hanratty running with the ball, Bubba Smith is No. 95 chasing him down on the fateful tackle.

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