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PBS and Through the Banks of the Red Cedar

PBS has been airing Maya Washington’s film “Through the Banks of the Red Cedar” during Black History Month.

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The PBS release corresponds with the recent release of Maya Washington’s book, “Through the Banks of the Red Cedar, My Father and the Team that Changed the Game.”

Michigan State coach Duffy Daugherty’s teams led the college football integration by combing the Spartans Midwest-based rosters with talent in the 1960s from the segregated South. Michigan State field the first fully integrated rosters in college football. The trails the Spartans blazed led to other schools in the 1960s breaking down barriers. By 1970, the path had been cleared for the 1970 USC-Alabama game to be played without incident, although myths and fiction crafted two decades after the game have embellished the impact of the 1970 game at the expense of the true 1960s pioneers.

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