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McCoy leading from fullback room to end zone

AFAN: Senior team captain says Black Knights are re-committed 'to the little things' Photo: Sandon McCoy By TOM SHANAHAN Sandon McCoy is a “Firstie” in West Point vernacular –a senior. In other words, hard work is nothing new. So, let his first quote to me sink in when the Black Knights fullback says this is the hardest working roster of his college career. “I haven’t seen the team work as hard as this one – ever,” said McCoy, one…

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Academy football deserves bookend games

By TOM SHANAHAN The 2020 college football season already has been trimmed due the COVID-19 pandemic, and it may eventually be canceled in its entirety. If so, the Army-Navy Game has been raised as one to preserve among all others. The Army-Navy Game, reserved as the only kickoff on the last Saturday of the regular season, highlights players that are committed to serve their country through whatever unknown world events await them. Like terrorists of the human kind…

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