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Spartans’ Lauren Freeland, aka Duffy History Champion, wins Big Ten women’s 1,500 title

PHOTO: Michigan State All-American Lauren Freeland, a graduate student from Kent City, won the 2024 Big Ten women’s 1,500 title at Ann Arbor.

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In honor of Michigan State’s Lauren Freeland winning the Big Ten’s women’s 1,500-meter title, I’m reposting a story on her that first appeared in The State News and is reposted here in the Michigan State College of Arts and Letters website.

MSU Alumnus Honors Historic Legacy of University’s 1965-66 Football Teams – College of Arts & Letters

Freeland helped me with graphics on my website in my task to straighten out history about MIchigan State’s leading role in college football history. Here’s an example:

As explained in the story, Freeland signed up for a Michigan State intern program sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters. In the summer of 2021, she gained experience, and I gained help telling the story of Duffy Daugherty’s 1960s teams leading college football integration.

She also created this one celebrating the 1966 Ohio State game the Spartans won 11-8 to maintain their unbeaten march to the Game of the Century on November 19 against Notre Dame at Spartan Stadium.

All the points were scored by Duffy’s Hawaiian Pipeline players: Bob Apisa (Farrington), 6 points, fourth-and-1 touchdown; Dick Kenney (Iolani), 3 points, field goal; and Charlie Wedemeyer (2 points on a two-point conversion reception from Kenney).

In an era before Hawaii’s football program was Division I in 1974, the Honolulu Bulletin’s headline proudly said it all: Hawaiians 11, Ohio State 8.


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David Maraniss: “HIstory writes people out of the story. It’s our job to write them back in.”

Responses from Ken Burns and Howell Raines when I expressed my frustration with myths and fiction about Bear Bryant overshadowing the true stories of college football integration.

Burns, award-winning filmmaker: “Keep plowing ahead.”

Raines: Former New York Times executive editor: “Straightening out history is an endless task.”

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