You are currently viewing My Black History Month Twitter posts on Michigan State football’s Great Northward Migration

My Black History Month Twitter posts on Michigan State football’s Great Northward Migration

PHOTO: Clifton Roaf, the first passenger on Michigan State coach Duffy Daugherty’s Underground Railroad, introduced his son Willie Roaf at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Black History Month Twitter posts on Duffy Daugherty’s Michigan State Underground Railroad and its influence on the rest of of college football. They are the true 1960s pioneers


Black History Month posts on the Duffy Daugherty’s Michigan State Underground Railroad that led college football integration.

FEB. 28: How Underground Railroad and true 1960s pioneers influenced college football integration

FEB. 27: Video highlights from 1965-66 seasons

FEB. 26: Segregation in SEC began with Underground Railroad, Kentucky and Tennessee

FEB. 25: Duffy Daugherty and Bill Nunn were kindred spirits

FEB. 24: True 1960s pioneers of college football integration

FEB. 23: Air Coryell legend Doug “Moosie” Wilkerson planned to ride Duffy Daugherty’s Underground Railroad.

FEB. 22: Duffy and Willie Ray tried to get Jerry LeVias to board Underground Railroad

FEB. 21: Raye of Light media vault on Spectrum Sunday Sports Night

FEB. 20: NC State owes Johnny Green and The Big O an apology

FEB. 19: Willie Ray Smith Sr., the Underground Railroad’s chief engineer

FEB. 18: 44 facts — one for every Underground Railroad player

FEB. 17: College football integration’s true 1960s pioneers

FEB. 16: Auburn’s SEC pioneer, James Owens

FEB. 15: Underground Railroad Middle School Quiz

FEB. 14: The Underground Railroad influenced SEC desegregation

FEB: 13: Dean Smith and Duffy Daugherty

FEB: 12: Jerry LeVias one of college football’s true integration stories.

FEB. 11: MLK spoke at Michigan State 56 years ago today.

FEB. 10: Michigan State at segregated North Carolina, 1964

FEB. 9: Darrell Royal turned to Willie Ray Smith Sr. to mend fences

FEB. 8: Army Gary Steele, “honorary” Underground Railroad passenger

FEB. 7: The 1967 NFL draft, four of the top eight picks

FEB. 6: Media recognition for the 1960s Underground Railroad

FEB. 5: Milestones, Hall of Famers and the 1967 NFL draft

FEB. 4: Gideon Smith.

Gideon Smith’s pioneering path from Hampton, Virginia, to Ferris State in Big Rapids, Michigan, to Michigan State, to the Canton Bulldogs with Jim Thorpe as a teammate and back to Hampton U as a coach.

FEB. 3: Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy narrating video Michigan State made for Jimmy Raye’s MSU Hall of Fame induction. A second video has highlights from the 1965 and 1966 seasons.

FEB. 2: Clifton Roaf

Clifton Roaf, in 1959, was the First Underground Railroad Passenger from segregated Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

FEB. 1: Eric Marshall

MSU Alumni Magazine/Newsletter used my story on Eric Marshall.

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